Butterfly Stockings


Artificial colorful butterflies that are made of stocking with glitters as decoration on the edges.  Compose of seven (7) pieces.

10 thoughts on “Butterfly Stockings

  1. The price of butterfly stocking is depending on the quantity you order. But the standard price for one set is P150 and come in 7 pieces with different sizes.

    About our live butterflies we can give you as much as P35 per piece on a minimum order of 3 dozens.

    Please call us at Tel # 444-2218 or email us at: abutterflyart@gmail.com

  2. hi this is sheena, i would like to inquire if we can get a souvenir butterfly stockings from u.. well the size will be all the same.. how much will it cost per medium butterfly.. kindly reply on my email add or numbr 09226728064. thanks

  3. Hi Jake! I want to know how much is the current price of the butterfly stocking? How about the souvenir, the clock and the frame? thanks!

  4. hello! how much will it cost for the 4 smallest sizes of the butterfly stockings? Please reply in my email.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  5. hi! It’s Joy here.
    i would like to inquire if we can order butterfly stockings, details:
    color: yellow
    size: Large or (min. 4″ wingspan)
    no of pieces: 70

    how much ?
    need asap

    kindly contact me:


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