Indigenous Frames

DILI - Manually cut white shells with 3 species of Philippine Butterflies

TANUBONG - Grass tubes formed and cut into rings with Idea Leuconoe and Papilio Polytes butterflies

TANGLAR - Slated Humpcane Frame with seven (7) species of butterflies

SABSABOT - 24" x 24 " Polished Matured Coconut Shells Frame with different species of Philippine Butterflies

TINIDTID - Slated Bamboo skins with Troides Magellanus Butterfliy (Male & Female).

4 thoughts on “Indigenous Frames

  1. Sir & Mam;

    Gud day po,

    Maganda po ang mga frame ng mga butterfly nyo ako po ay
    kasalukuyan din employee ng isang framing buterfly dto sa manila ngunit sa kasalukuyan po ay medyo mahina ang aming export product sana po minsan ay makapunta din ako sa inyong site production medyo hawig din po ang product nyo sa amin.

    More power po at mabuhay po kayo

  2. I am interested in purchasing large quantities of dried (papered) butterfly specimens. Please let me know how many variety you have and how many you could supply per month.
    Thank you

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